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Arborist reports are written mainly for dangerous trees. To remove trees in most councils now you need a planning permit, which can take up to 2 months to obtain. An arborist report from your Melbourne arborist can speed up this process. An arborist report is a legal document, and can be used as evidence in court. If you have a dead or dangerous tree and need it removed immediately and your council requires you to have a permit, an arborist report can speed up the permit process and if necessary protect you from litgation or fines. Most construction works now have to be supervised by an arborist and need tree protection zones to be erected around remaining and significant trees. An arborist will liaise with the council arborist to find the best outcome.

Tree Walkers arborists are highly knowledgeable in all facets of tree health, and local vegetation overlays. If you have any queries or need for our services our arborists are more than capable to handle your enquiries.

Fact! An arborist is someone who knows about trees, and has studied and worked with trees in most cases for many years.

Fiction!! A tree lopper knows just as much as an arborist, and will help your trees like an arborist will.

It is a misconception that we (arborists) are “tree loppers”. In fact, we rather dislike the name, and the suggestions it brings, like lopping trees or branches.

To lop a tree is to remove most or all of its foliage, usually giving the tree a long, slow death.

To prune a tree correctly is to selectively remove branches to allow better wind flow, more sun light, reduce deadwood, or to reduce the weight that a limb, or branch is holding. Most arborist live by a code of ethics, which can be seen if you click on this link Choosing an arborist to do your tree work is the best decision for you, and your trees. An arborist will give you advise, not just a quote.

We are in the business of caring for trees, not just removing trees. Having said that there are many reasons your tree may need removing. Having an arborist look at your tree can save you time and worry.

Eg. I had a call from a client Erica and Mark T of Mt. Waverly in June 2012. She had a tree in her front yard she needed to be looked at. The tree had started to drop limbs so she was concerned for her property and her neighbours. The tree was a Southern Mahogany (Eucalyptus botryoides) approx 80 ft tall, with a canopy spread of around 60 ft. The stump was 4 ft across at the base. It was by no means a small tree. When I first spoke with Erica said she loved the tree but really thought it needed to go. With a quick look I could see the tree had been previosly attacked by termites, and had a fungal infection. From there we drafted up a detailed report of the tree and its health, and submitted the report with a planning permit application to the local council.

These simple steps turned a normally 2-3 month process into a 2 week process. The council recieved the paper work and issued a permit within 1 week of recieving the application, and now Erica and her family are worry free.

Councils are generally back logged with many tree inspections which is what makes these processes so long. An arborist report is a legal document. Therefore as experts in aboriculture, we stand by our code of ethics, and live by them. Unfortunately you local council won’t take your word on your tree being dangerous, but being legally bound by our word, they will take ours.

Also most new buildings being erected near established trees need to have tree protection zones put in place in the form of temporary fences. To excavate the ground near established trees you require a qualified arborist to be onsite to oversee the works. If not only to save yourself from having to pay fines, it could even keep you from a costly law suit. If a tree falls and damages someones property, or God forbid kills someone, and for some reason its found you removed or damaged the rootsystem of the offending tree, you may find yourself in a spot of bother.

Even if its just for peace of mind, or personal interest, an arborists report is an investment. Our reports will shine light on any situation your trees may be in.





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