Possum Guards for Trees

One of the long term tree maintenance jobs that we have at the moment is a tree that has been greatly effected by possum traffic. We received a phone call from a repeat client, a lady who was extremely distressed over the health of her tree. Our customer loves her tree and wanted to save it and Nathan was just the person to help. thPHFS06F6A lot of Australians share their homes and gardens with possums because, like people, possums are very well suited to live in the suburbs. In Australia there are many species of possums and all are a protected by law. We have to learn to live with the possum and manage their behaviour in order to live with them peacefully. If a tree is showing signs of excess damage from possum grazing, the tree should be inspected by an accredited arborist and an action plan made to reduce further damage. Nathan installed possum guards around the base of the tree. This was a difficult situation as the lower limbs needed to remain in order for the tree to photosynthesise correctly and to maintain full canopy shape and structure. Two guards were then installed around the two lowest limbs to prevent the ‘possum highway’. thL249GZ64

Tree Walkers then proceeded to prune the tree back from any structures that may also act as a ‘possum highway’ along with any surrounding trees. More guards were installed on higher larger branches nearest the carport to prevent possums accessing the tree.

Our client was very happy with the plan of action and even more happy with the immediate results.

Tree Walkers are very flexible when it comes to tree work in the Melbourne area. We offer a wide range services in all aspects of tree and stump removal. You can call us today on 0404709595 to organise your free quote, whether it be tree removal or a possum installation. No job is too big or too small!!

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