Rebate of $40 available toward compost purchases

Tree Walkers Pty Ltd are servicing the area of Knox and whilst doing a bit of research found that Knox City Council are encouraging residents to recycle food waste by giving away money!!
The Council are providing a rebate of up to $40 for the purchase of items for home composting. I found this most interesting as I wasn’t aware of the rebate and I have always been interested in composting to put on my backyard vege garden. I know I’ll be downloading my application form!!
Their website claims that 40% of the contents of Knox household rubbish bins consist of food waste. Composting reduces this waste while turning it into a valuable fertiliser and soil conditioner for your garden.

Eligible items include;
* Compost bins – on ground, enclosed & rotating varieties
* Worm farms & composting worms
* Bokashi bins
* Green cones
* Compost & worm farm blankets
* Compost mate aerators


Tree Walkers are experience in all aspects of tree work and maintenance and are happy to assist you with your application for a rebate or any information you may need.
Follow this link for further details:
And please remember we are servicing the area of Knox at the moment so are available every day to provide a free quote from a qualified arborist.
Until next time,
Joni Walker

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