Tree removal Melbourne

There are many reasons for tree removal. More often than not trees are removed for being planted in a bad position. Most dead trees are classified as dangerous, as well as trees with decay, or rotting issues. White ants can be the cause of tree removals, as well as poor root structures. Your trees roots may also interfere with services like plumbing, electrical, and concrete foundations. Excavations to roots can be hazardous if the tree is being retained. Having a qualified arborist onsite during such works can be invaluable, and save a law suit further down the track. Removal of trees for construction works is common due to spacing issues in urban areas. Such works should be brought to your local council for assessment as well as consulting a qualified arborist.

Tree Walkers has all the equipment and experience necessary to do your Melbourne tree removal, in the most efficient, and safe manner possible, at a great competitive rate. We specialise in large tree removals in confined spaces. This skill is what we’ve built our reputation on. Wether its a small dead flowering wattle (Acacia floribunda), or an 80 meter mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans)or an over grown Pine Tree (Pinus radiata), our team will do your job the right way, guaranteed.


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