Tree Removal Melbourne Experts


Welcome to Tree Walkers, my name is Nathan Walker and I have over 15 years experience in the arboricultural industry. Tree Walkers is a family owned local business and we pride ourselves on the care we maintain not only to our customers but to the trees we provide service to. I have the experience to handle any tree in any situation so please don’t hesitate to call me on 0404 709 595 to pick my brain. I guarantee that if you do not reach me immediately I will call you back on the same day. I quote everyday and will try my best to make myself available at a time that is convenient to you.


  • Tree Removal

    We can completely remove trees and cut overhanging branches and help you with Arborist reports
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  • Tree Pruning

    Pruning branches and shrubs to reduce potential hazards and dangerous situations. Clean up your yard now!
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  • Stump Grinding

    Remove unwanted stumps and roots from your yard to save you future headaches and issues
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  • Experienced and Trusted Tree Removal Services

    There are many reasons to remove a tree such as being poorly planted or decaying due to dead roots or white ants. Tree roots may also interfere with electrical cabling, plumbing equipment and even concrete foundations beneath the surface. Using the right equipment with an experienced team is essential when dealing with these issues.
  • Qualified Arborist Services

    We provide Arborist reports when you need to legally have a tree removed from a property. At times, your local council will request an official report as to the reasons why a tree should be removed. Using this service speeds up an permit processes you may be faced with.