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Tree Walkers Pty Ltd has been in the industry since 2008 and Director/Head Climber, Nathan Walker, has been working with trees for the past 18years.  Nathan is one of the best in the industry providing to be extremely effiecient and skilled to make sure the job is done quickly and safely.
* We offer long term maintenance on all your tree needs and are always available for a chat for any advice you might require.
* Our Company Aim is to provide our community with a skilled service whilst adhering to the environmental needs of that community.  Tree Walkers takes the utmost care to all customers and the environment in which it is working.  Nathan Walker is a lover of trees and nature so be sure to know that your trees are in good hands and all care will be taken.
We are always available via mobile for Emergency callouts.  Alternative phone numbers are 97235787 or 0404709595.
* Other services include; * Service wire pruning *  Hedging * Advice on diseases * Disease treatments * Possum guard installations * Transporting logs * Mulch & Firewood sales, Onsite chipping, and any other aspect of Tree Works.Tree Walkers Pty Ltd is a small family owned and run business operating in Melbourne. Director Nathan Walker (Tree Walker), has over 15 years experience in the industry. Specialising in large tree removals, Nathan and his experienced team have the equipment and experience to handle any tree, in any situation. Whether its an 80 metre mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans), needing tree removal, or a small tree pruning job, we’re the right team for you.


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